“B” is for Below Average

seboldadminEconomic Insights

Should you be proud of your straight-A student or disappointed with an all B report card? As a result of instructors and institutions gradually lowering standards, the bell curve grading style has disappeared and high marks are saturating GPAs across the country. 43% of grades across all post-high school institutions in America are As, 34% Bs, 15% Cs, while Ds and Fs are each around 4%. Private universities may be the biggest culprits of ‘grade inflation’- nearly 50% of all grades recorded are As. Since receiving an A is no longer a reward for excellent work, rather given as a default, employers have had to shy away from using the metric as validation of a potential hire’s capability. Once again, our higher level education system seems to be failing in its primary purpose.


June 8, 2015