Exit & Succession

Time to move on?
Make the right moves.

While building your business, you invested the most important resource of all: Time.

So why would you part ways with it for a fraction of its value? More often than not, business owners surrender their gains when they transition or sell. Sebold Capital Management will help you retain the maximum value, because we understand what your time's worth.

We will assemble a top-flight team to assist with the sale of your business and create a customized plan that aligns with your long-term goals. Our collaborative Consulting to Liquidty (CTL) process guarantees that every aspect of the transition is meticulously managed, and we will guide you through each step.



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Exit & Succession

Exit planning is just good business planning

Exit planning is a multi-faceted, ever-shifting process that requires experience and expertise. At Sebold Capital Management, we are well-versed in all aspects of financial planning and wealth management, especially for business owners, creating the best exit strategies for our clients.

As your fiduciary financial partner, we have a responsibility to find the best possible path for your family’s unique needs. Together, we will create a plan that grants the next generation a new start, while you move on to your new beginning, your way.

Success is a matter of time. It is crucial that your business sale timing is right; we will help you control when and how you exit, and retain that control with a variety of strategic choices. We will develop a detailed timeline, identifying the optimal moments to take key steps in the process.

Finalize your fortune. We will do our utmost to maximize valuation – and minimize, defer, or even eliminate capital gains taxes. We'll help you prepare for market fluctuations and unforeseen challenges, ensuring your business remains resilient and attractive to potential buyers or successors.

Keep the success going. We will keep the continuity of business strong; we are here to maximize business value and minimize risk to secure your business future. Our expertise allows us to anticipate and advise on the consequences of different exit plans. We consider the tax implications, legal ramifications, and potential impact on your employees and stakeholders. By evaluating various scenarios, we help you make informed decisions that align with your personal and business objectives.

We respect not only how intricate the process is, but how intimate. There is rich history behind your decisions, so as you prepare for your next chapter, we provide support in every sense, reducing stress so that you are ready for what is next. Our goal is to design a smooth transition, ensuring that your business thrives even after you've moved on, and provide peace of mind for you and security for your family, employees and stakeholders.


It's a matter of time. And Planning.

Our expert team understands that timing is everything when it comes to transitioning your business. Are you thinking about transitioning in the next few years? The next few months? Whatever your unique case, our team will walk you through the process with a personalized plan. Whether you're planning to retire, sell, or pass your business on to the next generation, our proven strategies ensure a smooth and profitable transition.


It’s Time For What’s Next.


Sebold will help you:

Define your goals
Let us discover your personal and financial goals, and make a plan to reach them.

Assess if you’re ready to sell
Are you really prepared to part ways? We will help you determine if it is the right time.

Build your transition team
A seasoned group of experts is at your side, every step of the way as your professional advisory team builds your business transition strategy.

Streamline your departure
We source experienced financial-savvy business attorneys to assist with the all the necessary documentation needed to complete the sale.

Draft a risk mitigation plan
We create contingencies to determine and deter areas of risk and exit plan consequences.

Keep the good going
We bring in vetted professionals to handle taxes, estate planning, and philanthropic endeavors.

Take the next steps
What does life look like after you have sold your business? We will help you fill it with your passions and interests.

Ready to take the first step toward a successful transition? Then start planning today. The earlier you start planning, the more control you’ll have over the outcome. Let us help you make the most of your hard-earned business legacy.

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