Which Parent Would You Save From A Fire?

seboldadminEconomic Insights

Are moms loved more than dads? Do kids secretly have favorites, just like parents? A quick glance at spending on their respective holidays might suggest that mothers are more loved- or at least more expensive. On average, spending on mom for mother’s day outpaces the paternal equivalent by almost $50 by adults 18+. In 2013, spending was up 40% for moms over dads- continuing a pattern getting progressively wider since 2008. Are people predisposed to assume that mothers deserve more recognition on their special day? Maybe we need to look at the calendar first before making assumptions.

Mother’s Day is in the spring during the transitional period toward warmer weather, sales, and rejuvenation from sunshine and flowers. Father’s Day coincides with summer break, vacations, and peak yard work season. Mother’s enjoy flowers, brunch, a necklace, and a relaxing day with their family: A perfect day for the hard working, caring, and family-comes-first mother. Dads may need to rush the kids to a double header, mow the lawn, and throw hot dogs on the grill for dinner before getting things ready for the week ahead. Though a much lighter day on the wallet, perhaps just as perfect for the hard working, caring, and family-comes-first father.


June 22, 2015